Last night we made the move over to Slack. When the Leadership Team was formed we picked Discord as our chat medium due to the free nature of the application as well as not having to worry about losing any messages if we were to have used Slack’s free plan. Many people begrudgingly used Discord as a way to interact with the team, and for many, it was their first exposure to Discord and what we discovered is many of our team weren’t fans of the application.

What about IRC? We have used IRC since we started. Times have changed and IRC wasn’t able to compete with the slick UI and experience Slack provides. We held off from moving to Slack until we were certain we were going to be upgraded to a complimentary nonprofit account: meaning we don’t have the 10,000 message limitation and we have all of the features a paid tier account brings.

If you’re looking to interact with the Leadership Team, The Joindin Foundation board members, or just want to chat with other contributors we look forward to chatting with you in Slack.

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