New Leadership Team

Hello! Welcome to’s blog. You might have heard the hosted service was going to be discontinued by March 31st, 2019. When this news spread across the PHP community several members came together and submitted a proposal to the current and previous maintainers to build a new team of volunteers to take over the open source project and the hosted service. We have fantastic news to share with you: our proposal was accepted!

The leadership team was formed by volunteers responding to an open call for individuals to commit time and energy to taking over the large task of not only the open source project but the maintenance of the hosted service. The leadership team all signed and collectively presented the proposal to the maintainers. Meet the new Leadership Team:

Primary Responsible Party

  • Joe Ferguson
  • Paul McNeely

Product Responsible Party

  • Andreas Heigl
  • Eric Poe

Development Responsible Party

  • Jos Elstgeest (zghosts)
  • Ian Littman

Security Responsible Party

  • Adam Englander
  • Mike Willbanks

General Responsible Party

  • Michael Cullum
  • David Stockton

You might have already seen a few of us going through pull requests and issues. We have added a team to the GitHub organization so you can mention the entire group as @joindin/leadership-team in issues or pull requests. If you have pending issues or pull requests please note some of us will be ramping up on the project for the first time, however, we will address issues as we come across them.

What’s Next?

The leadership team will meet on February 5th to formalize the short term plan based on knowledge transfer from the previous maintainers to the new team. The product and development side of the team will be tasked with continuing the current plan to decommission the current hosted service while launching a replacement host in parallel without utilizing legacy applications. This will mean there may be a brief period of time where the hosted service has fewer features, we’re hopeful in our work to find these features and get them ready for a contributor to work on quickly will allow us to minimize any service issues.

The current target date to decommission the current live server is March 31st, 2019 and of course is subject to change. The team will also be creating a disaster recovery plan from scratch to use as a guide for not only backing up the current system and data but to plan the new infrastructure and workflows for a more modern and efficient system. The security side of the team will be working closely in these processes as well as being tasked with ensuring all services and systems are following industry standard protocols. If you are interested in contributing to these projects we’re using Github to plan and organize.

We Need YOU

A key part of our proposal was to ensure the longevity of the project by consistently onboarding new contributors and maintainers. This is why all of our teams have two individuals. We should constantly be cross-training and sharing knowledge not only to reduce bus factor but to teach the next generation of open source contributors.

The leadership team is committed to making participation in this project a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of the level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or nationality via our Contributor Code of Conduct.

You are important. You are welcome here.